Insurance Valuation & Approval

If you possess a classic rug and wish to have it valued, whether it be for insurance purposes, or for a potential sale, we are here to help. Our team have such a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in regards to rugs from all over the globe. We take into account all of the cultural considerations when working to identify a piece. In the ever-changing world of global fashion and trending styles, the design of rugs internationally has varied a great deal over the years. We understand these complex variations in the market and can bring clarity to any mysteries surrounding your piece.

We will provide full details of the origin of your rug, its date of manufacture, rug size and a full description detailing any special features or materials used in its construction. Its current value will be included for insurance purposes.

In regards to Insurance, many antique rugs are considered as works of art, and therefore the value of such pieces should be clearly defined in any policy, as well as the increases in value that a classic piece of art would be expected to accumulate. With such rugs, we would suggest that they are re-evaluated every 5 or 6 years, so any additional value gained can be correctly logged and included in the insurance.