Home Consultation & Approval

Nothing is more important when purchasing a rug than knowing it is perfect for the space in which you are planning to place it. So many factors come into play here, how it works with your existing decoration and furniture, and whether the colours compliment each other in the desired way.

At Ramezani London we offer and recommend our home consultation and approval service so that you can see the rug in its final location before making the important purchasing decision. We fully appreciate how much of a personal process it can be in selecting the right rug, and we are here to help you make the most well-informed decision possible.

We also offer the option to try a variety of different styles and colour schemes in your space, which can be very important in getting a feel for what you may want if you have no idea of the specifics. Our professional and highly experienced team can offer valuable advice and guidance for your rug choice. If you are interested in our home consultation assistance services, please contact us with the form below or give us a call.