Care, Cleaning & Maintenance of Handmade Rugs

A good quality rug generally will last a very long time .First, and foremost, you should always use a rug underlay it will protect the underside of the rug, make it softer to walk on, and keep the rug from sliding around the room.

It is the foundation for your carpet, responsible for enhancing in addition; you should use protectors on the feet of any tables or chairs that will be resting on top of the rug. This will prevent indentations and wear. It is also important to keep your rug clean. Dirt and grit settled in the rug work like sandpaper to wear away at the knots.

Vacuuming Tips

Cleaning old carpet with a vacuum cleaner universal nozzle

Regular gentle vacuuming should be sufficient. However, be careful of the fringe and the vacuum cleaner since a few are too strong and powerful and would diminish the life of a rug. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar brush. Use only a suction vacuum.

Vacuum across in both directions of the traffic pattern to prevent matting. Vacuuming removes most dry soil, but street grime, oily soils, and air pollution can build up eventually and your area rug may require cleaning. The accumulation of these particles can cause gradual dulling.

Moth Damage 

Close-up of an antique hand-knotted Persian wool rug with minor, but visible moth damage, the pile having been eaten away down to the cotton warp by moth larvae. The rug is a 2 x 3 m Tabriz with hunting motifs. Excellent detail.

Another problem to avoid is moths, which feed on wool. Most oriental rugs are made of wool; therefore putting down an oriental rug is akin to setting out a feast. Most moth damage occurs in areas concealed under furniture, so periodically move the furniture and vacuum these areas. Another tip is to put out a bowl of feathers, which moths love even more than wool. By watching the feathers for damage, you can detect potential moth infestations earlier. There are a few sprays that would protect the rug from moth for a year or more. Do not leave your rugs untouched and in a dark humid area such as lofty as this would be more attractive to moth

Rug Repair

oriental rug fringe restoration

If your rug sustains serious damage such as a tear- this is not something to be handled by anyone less than an expert. The same thing is true if your rug is stained. Since many dyes are made from organic and chemical substances, it takes a great deal of experience to clean a rug without bleaching or colour run.


Finally, note that all rugs, no matter how fine, will fade somewhat over time. But in high-quality rugs, this process is similar to the aging of a fine wine. The colours become mellower and the pattern more subtle. If your rug is exposed to sun light please ensure that you change the position of the rug from time to time so the fading process would cover entire rug.

Stain Removal

If your rug becomes spotted or stained, work quickly. When possible, scoop up solids and blot liquids immediately after a spill occurs. Absorb as much liquid as possible with a white cloth or paper towel without scrubbing the area to prevent matting or fuzzing. Contact us immediately.

Spot Cleaning

Spot on a daily or weekly basis. By hand, a clean cloth towel and spotters containing MILD (pH range spotting, blot the affectedareas. Rubbing can cause fibre damage. Immediate attention to spills and spots will give the best results.

We provide professional washing, cleaning and repair service and also sell underlay. 

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