Bespoke & Custom Rugs


Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our catalogue? Then why not enquire about our Custom Rugs. Designed and manufactured to your specifications, a bespoke rug is built from the ground up with your choice of size, shape, materials, pattern and colouring all coming together to form the perfect custom piece.

Wether your piece is to compliment a the decor or even fill an entire room’s floorspace, we are confident that we can take all of your desired requirements and create something utterly unique to you. Designs will first be produced, along with an artists impression of the final piece. The manufacturing process can be lengthy, however the satisfaction of receiving a rug created to your exacting specification is nothing short of fantastic.

We are also able to create completely bespoke pieces, from rugs to carpets to stair runners. You will be consulted every step of the way in the journey to creating your dream piece. Please use the enquiries form on our contact page to enquire about our Custom & Bespoke services.