Sumak Kilim Rug – 337 x 275cm

Dimensions50395562 × 50394361 cm
Rug no


Size in cm

337 x 275

Size in feet

11 x 9


100% Wool


Hand woven in Iran

About the piece


Around the city of Kirman in the south of Iran, reside the semi-nomads of Afshar tribe. For hundreds of years, these nomads lived in the northwest of Iran, but a part of the tribe was compulsorily transferred to today’s area, where carpet weaving became an important part of their livelihood. The carpets and kilims are often in simple geometric designs and have bright and lively colors such as Red and blues to brighten up their simple homes . Afshar pile carpets are also known in the market under the name of Sirjan or Shahrebabak which are the two main cities, having a variety of designs whether in Paisley, Medallion, geometric Caucasian style with small animals or even bouquet flowers. Highly artistic and considered work of art by most collectors and carpet enthusiasm.

Afshars have a long history of rug weaving using strong Turkish and Kurdish weaving influences and techniques and the rugs are unique, never having made the exact rug again. There is no graph papers or blueprint used for the designs and designs are generally created by individuals or passed on from mother to daughter but each time, they make the rug more personal like and add or change the design like a work of art. When making kilims( flat weave) they use two types of weaves, one being the normal flat weave kilim on wool foundation and another that is just as durable as a pile carpet which is called Soumak( Soumac) Kilim.A totally different technique where they use cotton in wrap and weft structure which makes the foundation much stronger with good quality soft but durable wool that is dyed locally using mainly vegetable dyes. They also make rugs where both pile and Soumak ( sumac) kilim are merged and the rug has an embossed feel and look which is highly decorative

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