Antique Turkman Yamut Rug Circa 1910 – 330 x 210cm

Dimensions50395562 × 50394361 cm
Rug no


Size in cm

330 x 210

Size in feet

10.8 x 6.8


100% Wool pile based on cotton foundation

Condition & Age

Perfect Condition


Hand woven in Iran

About the piece

This is a good sample of Yumut rug. Turkmen tribes such as Yumut, Tekke, Ersari, saryk, were originally nomads occupying a land which today is between Iran, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. the population is of Mongol descendant. Rug making among women has always been part of daily life and in general the rugs are very distinctive dominated with dark reds, Brown in repeated motives called ‘gul’ (flower) which some interpret as footprint of a camel. The wool is soft and hard-wearing and the pile is cut thin. they are woven on wool foundation ( warp and weft).The earlier samples, pre 1870 are much sought after by the collector all around the world at high prices. Due to their tribal and nomadic nature the rugs tend to be small to mid-sized. they are all mainly settled and still make rugs in the original traditional design in distinctive motives and each tribe has it’s own established and well preserved characteristic. Yumut and Tekke are among the rugs which is more available. The deep unified colour could easily go with both modern and traditional décor and they are great rugs, brining life to every home.
Origin: Iran
Size: 330 x 210
Date: Circa 1910
Condition: Very Good

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