Persian Qum Pure Silk Rug – 340 x 245cm

Dimensions50395562 × 50394361 cm
Rug no


Size in cm

340 x 245

Size in feet

11.1 x 8.1


100% Wool pile based on cotton foundation

Condition & Age

Perfect, full pile


Hand woven in Iran



Number of Knots

Approx 420,000 Knots in 1sm

About the piece

The holy city of Qum (Ghom) in central Persia near Tehran is noted for its silk rugs, which at their best are considered the epitome of contemporary Persian silk carpet weaving.

Silk is considered the most luxurious of materials to weave with, but its fineness of thread allows for extremely complex weaving of the highest quality.

There are many types of designs of Qum rugs: central or traditional medallion, ‘Shah Abbas’, vase, boteh and the ‘panelled garden’ made famous in Bakhtiari carpets. Highly prized also, are the pictorial rugs which feature birds and animals.

Qum’s are particularly fine rugs with some rugs having 600 or more knots per sq. inch. The foundations are always usually silk and our woven only by skilled weavers who often weave their name into the carpet.

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