Kirshehir – 175 x 102cm

Dimensions50395562 × 50394361 cm
Rug no


Size in cm

175 x 102

Size in feet

5.74 x 3.35


100% Wool pile based on cotton foundation

Condition & Age

Perfect, full pile





Number of Knots

Approx 160,000 Knots in 1sq meter

About the piece

Kirshehir rugs, are woven in central turkey in a city called Kirshehir.  Each rug is individually woven by villagers surrounding the city. The rugs are in rich colors with good quality wool in geometric designs often in prayer designs.

They use bright colors using natural vegetable dyes such as madder for red, walnut husk for brown and etc which in time would become lighter and more muted shade.

As for the design, on the upper part of each prayer rug you would see a niche or mihrab, the mihrab is meant to be pointed towards Mecca during prayer.

They represent good value for the quality and workmanship.

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