Fine Isfahan Antique Rug Circa 1900 – 215 x 145cm

Dimensions50395562 × 50394361 cm
Rug no


Size in cm

215 x 145

Size in feet

7 x 4.7


100% Wool pile based on cotton foundation

Condition & Age

Perfect Condition


Hand woven in Iran




Circa 1890

Number of Knots

Approx 720,000 Knots in 1sq meter

About the piece

Isfahan, once the capital city of Shah Abbas in 1595, is considered to be one of the most magical cities in Iran. Its magnificent mosques and architecture with floral and geometric designs inspired most Isfahan carpets. Isfahan carpets are made from fine wool and silk, generally woven onto silk warps where weft threads are considered to be among the finest and most durable Persian rugs. The best-known manufactures are Seirafian, Haghighi and Shoreshi. Pure silk rugs in Isfahan are rarely made, and the manufacturer called Shoreshi has mastered the skill of making a limited quantity of genuine silk rugs by using vegetable dyes and high-quality silk. This is an earlier example woven on cotton , full pile.
Origin: Iran
Size: 215 x 145 cm
Date: Circa 1890
Condition: very Good


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