Chinese Thick Pile Rug – 354 x 254cm

Dimensions50395562 × 50394361 cm
Rug no


Size in cm

354 x 254

Size in feet

11.6 x 8.3


Handmade in China


100% Wool pile based on cotton foundation

About the piece

Among the groups of oriental rugs, those made in China are something of an enigma. Their colouring, especially their motifs which has holds a special place within the Chinese culture, such as longevity, prosperity, good fortune, fertility, etc. are dramatically different from those of the Middle East .
For example, phoenixes symbolise good fortune and opportunity, the crane symbolises longevity, so a pair of cranes symbolises a harmonious marriage. Peacocks, with their showy feather tails, signify beauty and dignity.
Dragon which is the most powerful,symbolises prosperity.
Vase symbolising peace .Fish symbolises wealth .Pomegranates are a universal symbol of prosperity, fertility and abundance.
They have fascinated the collector, and alongside their better -known cousins from Iran, Caucasus, Afghanistan , Turkey and Central Asia, they have held a respected place within the great rug collections of many   Museums and individuals.

Modern chinese rugs such as these using good quality wool and often in thick pile which enhance the durability of the rugs have been made in similar traditional designs and later commissioned by Europeans after 1930 in Tianjin or Shanghai in 1970 based on the late eighteenth to what is known as French Aubusson designs.They reflect Louis XVI and Empire style.
Their simplicity and colouring has always suited many interiors .They are extremely good value for the beauty and durability that they deliver.

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