Bokhara Handmade Rug 180 x 120 cm


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Dimensions50395562 × 50394361 cm

About the piece

The name Bokhara it is originated from the city of Bokhara, in today’s Uzbekistan, which was one of the main centre and cities along the famous Silk Road, where the original Turkmen rugs were sold in its local Bazar and soon became known as Bokhara rugs. Today, In general, Bokhara carpets which mainly are of a Turkman, Philpa (Elephant foot design) are made in Pakistan in soft lustres wool in the same tradition design and weaved as the original Bokhara rugs. The most common colour is red and the softness in textures comes from repeatedly combed wool which is washed several times to give more a silkier feel to the rug.

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