Antique Kashgai Rug Circa 1900- 194 x 137cm

Dimensions50395562 × 50394361 cm
Rug no


Size in cm

194 x 137

Size in feet

6.3 x 4.2


100% Wool


Circa 1900

Condition & Age

Perfect Condition


Hand woven in Iran



About the piece

Khmaseh, part of the five Kashgai tribes confederation, located in south of Shiraz. They use to migrate twice a year each time approx. 900 km through the valleys and ancient road with their belongings and flocs of sheep, goat, chickens etc. The are largest nomadic tribes in central Iran and are of Turkic origin, inspired by their surrounding and mostly use wool in warp, weft and pile that they sheer themselves & often dye the wool locally resulting in various irregular shades of one colour pile of rugs. this design is called Morghi ( chicken in Farsi language).for the ones who love Kashgai rugs, this is one of the favorites. this rug has full pile and with the original ends. one end has been rewoven so it would be symmetric to the other original end. It is an amazing and a collector’s rug with exceptional beauty.

Origin: Iran
Size: 194 x 137(cm)
Date: 1910
Condition: very Good full pile

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