Nain Rugs

persian_nain_rug_Circular Medallion with 16 Shah Abbasi Petals
Circular Medallion with 16 Shah Abbasi Petals

Some of the finest Persian carpets come from the city workshops in Nain near Isfahan. Although the carpet weaving industry of Nain carpet is rather young (at least according to oriental carpet weavers standards), Nain carpets are of outstanding quality. That’s due to the fact, that Nain produced a superior quality of handmade woollen cloth for generations before the first rug workshops opened there in the 1920s.

Nain_rug_Animal _Motifin _Paneled _Design
Animal Motif (Bird) in Paneled Design
Nain_rug_Islimi _Motif
                  Islimi Motif

There are several famous workshops, master weavers, and carpet designers connected with Nain, like the renowned Habibian workshop. In addition, Nain serves also as a collection point for rugs and carpets that have been woven in the surrounding area. To distinguish them, many Nain rugs are signed, especially Nains with an authentic Habibian signature are rare – and very expensive. The typical Nain carpet design includes curvilinear vines, Shah Abbas flowers, and other floral patterns. Colours are mostly beige and blue.


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