Hamadan Rugs

Hamadan in west-central Iran is an ancient Persian city and serves as the market centre for many hundreds of villages in the surrounding area. Hamadan is responsible for a large amount of all the tribal rugs which are produced in Iran. The areas around Hamadan include Enjelas, Chenar, Derjazin, Hussainabad, Nahavand, and the Kurdish parts of Khamseh. Thus you see a great variety in Hamadan designs from simple geometric patterns to floral and Herati designs. One characteristic for Hamadan village rugs is a single-wefted medallion, the weavers in Hamadan use Turkish knots. The colour spectrum reaches from red, green and blue to beige, rust, yellow and brown. The wool pile of Hamadan carpets is usually coloured with natural vegetable dyes, the use of silk is very rare.

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