Tribal and Nomadic Rugs

Tribal and Nomadic Rug Weaving 

Rug weaving is one of the main occupations of the tribal people. Since the nomads move between the pastures on the mountains flat parts, they don’t weave big size rugs. Rugs are woven in very simple, attachable transportable looms, have designs which pass from generation to generation by mainly oral tradition. Designs used by the tribal people often symbolize fertility, health, and desire for having a child and symbols protecting nomadic people from the evil eye. Colours, extracted from nature, have a limited number.

Oriental carpets use natural fibres such as wool, cotton and silk.

The only exception to this rule is the occasional use of gold and silver or other threads used for pure silk and workshop carpets. In addition to wool, cotton and silk, goat and camel hair also used for the carpets and kilims.