Aubusson Rugs

The History of Aubusson Rugs

In the year 1600, in a small town called Aubusson, weavers had begun to create carpets which is known as Aubusson rugs and tapestries for royal castles. In the mid-1700s when French crown lent support to Aubusson rug weavers, the industry flourished. The King commissioned the most famous architects and designers to create works of art which would be reinterpreted in woven form; as such monarch came to power, new designs reflected the style and pastimes of the era. Named after the town of their birth, these handwoven flat-weave carpets, having the image of fruits, flowers, architectural elements, and musical instruments, became known as Aubusson Rugs.

We have the pleasure of enclosing the latest catalogue of our Chinese reproduction Aubusson In tapestry weave for your kind attention.

They are tightly woven in one of the best multi-ply New Zealand wool quality on horizontal looms in the same traditional technique. The design and the colour combination are carefully selected to furnish every customer’s requirement.

Our Regular sizes are as follow:

CM                                       Feet

150 x 90                              5 x 3

180 x 120                            6 x 4

240 x 160                            8 x 5

280 x 180                            9 x 6

300 x 240                            10 x 8

360 x 260                            12 x 9

420 x 300                            14 x 10

550 x 350                            18 x 12

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