Decorative & Contemporary Rugs

Modern handmade rugs are an excellent complement for the contemporary home. They are also great for smaller places like apartments and dorm rooms. Modern rugs are often geometric, simplistic and are available in vibrant colours too.

One way to eliminate boredom is to turn your living space into a more festive arena. The quickest, simplest trick is introducing a floor treatment that expresses innovation and personal taste – a modern rug.

At Ramezani London Rugs e we are pleased to offer you an extensive selection of quality rugs both Modern and Traditional in artistic patterned designs.

Modern rugs are indeed works of art for the floor. They should complement the room and perhaps contrast it, but always be something that adds comfort. Modern rugs can find a place throughout the home or office. Our modern rugs showcase vibrant bright colours or sedate earthy tones in contemporary designs with an added.