Handmade rugs vs Machine-knotted rugs

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Handmade rugs vs Machine-knotted rugs. We will look into the differences between handmade rugs and Machine-knotted rugs and make an expert opinion on which rug to buy.
Don’t we want to have lovely rugs in our homes? These rugs we quite cherish come in varying qualities, colours, shapes, and sizes and can be hand-knotted or machine-made. As a consequence, the quality of these rugs is not always the same.
It is, therefore, necessary to become knowledgeable about rugs always to get the best out every purchase you make. It is important to note that despite these rugs appearing to be similar and difficult for untrained eyes to distinguish, they have some unique characteristics, which set them apart from each other.

Quality and Durability

Handmade rugs are usually qualified as they are primarily made of wool, cotton, or silk. These organic materials are durable and can last up to 100 years. 
However, machine knotted rugs are usually made using synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, and acrylic, which have a lifespan of 20 years.

Handmade rugs vs Machine-knotted rugs

Design and Production

Handmade rugs are done on a specialised loom and require the weaver to insert the knots into the rug and tie them by the hands. As a consequence, the process is demanding. Handmade rugs come from different part of world, Persian Handmade, Afghan Handmade etc,
However, the weaver is able to give the rug that personalised touch and preserve both aesthetic and the quality of the rug. This is because the weaver carefully knits the rug and gives so much thought to design.
As a result, they are usually unique and quite valuable and can be passed from one generation to another, maintaining their originality by being visually appealing and stunning. On the other hand, machine-made rugs are mass-produced.
As a consequence, they are not unique and durable compared to handmade rugs, and cannot be considered as pieces of art.

Handmade rugs are done on a specialised loom

How to differentiate between Handmade Rugs and Machine-Knotted Rugs on appearance.

Look at the rug’s fringe; in handmade rugs, the fringe on the ends is part of the foundation and will be an extension of the actual rug. However, in machine-made rugs, the fringe is sewn latter on the foundation after the rug has been woven.
Look at the knots; handmade rugs have manually created knots woven on the foundation and tied by hands to help to hold the rug together. As a result, the knots are uneven and vary in sizes. However, in machine-made rugs, the knots are quite uniform without any noticeable variations.

Check the backside

Slight inconsistencies in knots and patterns are common in handmade rugs. Moreover, they do not have any backing on them. However, machine-made rugs usually have latex on the backside to hold the tufts in place and an additional layer of fabric.
It is easy to notice the backside of a machine-made rug compared to a handmade rug as it is conspicuous. Moreover, you can use any side of handmade rugs without much glaring difference. This is not the case with machine-made rugs.

Conclusion of Handmade rugs vs Machine-knotted rugs

Therefore, if you need to get a quality, unique, and durable Handmade rug, consider one that is Persian / Afghan handmade. And if you find yourself having problems differentiating between a handmade rugs and Machine-knotted rugs always consider getting help from us.
We will help you pick that authentic rug for your home because we care about quality, art, and above all your satisfaction.