Are Persian rugs a good investment ?

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Buying Persian rugs is not something you would do until you knew just what you were looking for. They definitely do not come into the category of impulse buys.

Investing on Persian rugs

When you are spending the kind of money that you expect to pay for a genuine Persian rug you need to know that you are going to get the genuine article and not a fake or a new modern version at the old antique price!

You can understand why the genuine rugs are expensive when you consider that all the knots are tied by hand and there are hundreds to the square inch. It can take a weaver six months to produce a 9′ x 12′ rug, and they are not mass produced.

The materials used as wool from sheep or goats [in some cases even camels], cotton, silk or even a combination of all three. Wool can come in many different qualities, but the highest quality comes from Tibet and New Zealand.

Bright living room with an antique Persian rug and wooden panel trim walls,

You will notice colour variations in the genuine Persian rug that have vegetable dyed wool as against the modern chemical dyed materials. I think the colour variations are what lend charm to the antique rugs.

Apart from the colour variations between the old and new, there is the fact that the traditional Persian rugs will have differences in their design whereas machinery produced rugs will all be exactly the same, you will not be getting anything unique.

As well as all the other benefits I have mentioned from buying Persian rugs; there is always the point that wool rugs will not burn like synthetic materials, wool doesn’t stain like synthetics and wool can shed water. Dirt doesn’t sink to the bottom of the pile of woollen carpets, unlike synthetic materials. The woollen rug is a perfect insulator in the cold weather and feels so good under your feet.

The designs come in three general categories, geometric, floral or pictorial. You will probably know what you are looking for before you even set out on your expedition for buying Persian rugs.

Whichever you choose I am sure you will love what it does for your home for many years and when you don’t need it any more it can become a family heirloom making it an excellent investment.